DJP-De Hoop produces high-grade sustainable paper for the packaging industry

Welcome to paper mill DJP-De Hoop, one of the oldest paper production sites in the Netherlands. We have been producing paper with power since 1657. Our factory produces high-grade paper for the packaging industry. We produce nearly 400,000 tonnes of paper every year, which is used to provide optimal protection to a wide range of products. Sustainability and continuous improvement are key elements of our production process. For example, the raw material we use for our paper is 100% circular and our company has obtained an FSC® certification. With the help of a production process that is as artisanal as it is innovative, we find new uses for old paper. Paper with Power, that is what DJP-De Hoop is all about.

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DJP-De Hoop contributes to the realisation of a more sustainable future for all; one in which our products and processes have minimal impact on people and the environment. Over the coming years, we will focus heavily on further reducing our carbon emissions and minimising the amounts of water and energy used in our production process. We are also well on our way towards zero residual streams!

Our sustainability ambitions

Working at DJP–De Hoop

At DJP-De Hoop, you work in a professional environment and an international setting, yet with the atmosphere of a family business. For as long as you are with us, DJP-De Hoop offers you every opportunity to develop and advance your career. DJP-De Hoop operates 24 hours per day and more than 360 days per year. This results in a strong sense of togetherness and collegiality on the work floor. At DJP-De Hoop, making paper is a team effort - every single day. 

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