Experience the family spirit at DJP-De Hoop

Our culture

At DJP-De Hoop, you work in a professional environment and an international setting, yet with the atmosphere of a family business. DJP-De Hoop invests in you and your colleagues by offering training and education, but also by e.g. supporting you in your effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For as long as you are with us, we will offer you every opportunity to develop and advance your career. At DJP-De Hoop, we (almost) never stand still. Our factory operates 24 hours per day and more than 360 days per year. This results in a strong sense of togetherness and collegiality on the work floor. At DJP-De Hoop, making paper is a team effort - every single day.

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What our employees think

Sustainable deployability

The sustainable deployability of its people is important to DJP-De Hoop. This means that we offer all our colleagues the opportunity to keep growing and developing in their field and we invest in the health and wellbeing of our employees.


At DJP-De Hoop, we want everyone to feel good about themselves. We want our people to be healthy. For that reason, we support our employees’ efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, we will pay for your subscription to a sports club or fitness club. Every week, a masseur visits DJP-De Hoop to offer our people (preventative) massages. We also frequently organise workshops and courses that help you to keep feeling good. Think of a Healthy Diet workshop, advice about what shift workers should eat and drink or a course to help you give up smoking.

Learning and growing

Producing paper demands craftmanship. A craft that is hardly educated anymore. DJP-De Hoop therefore offers its own internal training for new (process) employees in our factory. We have developed training modules based on the extensive experience and knowledge of senior employees. An external training officer handles the substantive part. You will receive a certificate when you complete this course. DJP-De Hoop always has room for two to three new process operators. The people we select for this immediately start working, but also start an (internal) training course.

Internship positions

We believe any good internship position should meet a number of requirements. These are:

  • A safe and good workplace;
  • Meaningful tasks or assignments that you can learn from;
  • Proper guidance. We will really make time for you; and
  • Appropriate compensation.

We always have a place for interns from various study programmes in the following departments:

  • Technical Support
  • Laboratory & analysis lab
  • Finance & Control
  • Supply Chain
  • Information technology

What makes DJP-De Hoop an attractive employer?

Are you looking for a stable, flexible and above all challenging job? DJP-De Hoop is the place to be! We are known for our social, sustainable and informal nature. We invest in our employees by offering them constant guidance and challenging them to bring out the best within themselves. A variety of internal and external training programmes allow DJP-De Hoop's employees to grow and develop throughout their professional career. On top of that, we offer excellent employment conditions. These include:

  • Our own collective labour agreement with a good salary, 8% holiday allowance (of course) and a thirteenth month bonus.
  • Myriad training and development opportunities. We will draw up your Personal Development Plan (PDP) together and you can enrol in specific programmes that we will cover the costs of.
  • Various opportunities to get healthier and fitter, such as compensation for your gym membership or personal coaching. You can also visit the masseur that comes by every week.
  • A Study & Aid Fund that covers your children's study costs and can contribute to exceptional medical expenses.
  • The collective labour agreement à la carte allows you to sell your leave allowance or purchase more.
  • At DJP-De Hoop, all employees are given the opportunity to grow and develop throughout their career. Anyone who wants to can enrol in a course or programme that is relevant to their position. As such training programmes are often made to measure, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.